Where do I ship books for Itasca?

Where should Itasca inventory go?

Send physical books to:

Itasca Books
210 Edge Place
Minneapolis MN 55418

Remember, your book must have a Bookland EAN barcode, 13-digit ISBN, and US $ price on
the back cover!

We need a packing slip in order to get the books in our inventory. At minimum we need a list with the title, ISBN, and number of copies.
An email with this info will suffice. Please mail this to mjung@itascabooks.com.

We will need at least three gratis copies of your title for promotional use – these copies
are sent to buyers at our trading partners. These three gratis copies will be taken from the inventory you supply us. Cost of postage for shipping to these venues will be charged to
your account.

We send a review copy to Barnes & Noble if we believe the publication has national sales
potential. We also send a sample copy to our wholesalers. We will submit the title data to
both, which will enable your book to be available to booksellers everywhere.

Because we can’t submit a title to B&N sales until we have a finished copy of the book and it
is already set up on Ingram, it can take up to three additional weeks for a new title to get
set up in B&N’s sales database. Allow additional time for this to happen.