What's the latest from Ingram about SPD publishers that you know?


From Itasca Books Ingram buyer: 

We will have to know the details of who is coming and when – and yes, company letterhead is still the norm (for a publisher to give Itasca permission to distribute their titles, we show this to Ingram).

Currently SPD is in our 3PL program – sort of like IPS (Ingram Publisher Services) but a little different. I would say the stock isn’t going anywhere immediately. It takes a while to terminate a pub.

If you can get the list of the titles that will be moving to you from each of the vendors coming to you – we will then look at how the titles have done and we (wholesale) will buy the titles from 3PL that we believe will sell through on the wholesale side. I believe under 3PL titles are consigned. I’m not 100% sure of how it all works, but I’m seeking more clarification.

So, let’s start with the vendors you’re getting (letterhead statement of distro change), when, and the title lists. And we’ll go forward from there.