What uncoated cover stocks do you have?

What cardstock colors are currently available?

Our current cardstock colors are pictured below. The colors are:

Row 1:

Finch White Opaque Smooth 80-lb. / Finch White Opaque Smooth 100-lb. / Mohawk Loop Talc 80-lb.

Row 2:

Carnival Red 80-lb. / Carnival Yellow 80-lb. / Finch Vanilla 80-lb.

Row 3:

Carnival Pine 80-lb. (DISCONTINUED) / Mohawk Loop Sage 80-lb. / Carnival Blue 80-lb.

Row 4:

Mohawk Loop Ginger 80-lb. / Mohawk Loop Granite 80-lb. / Carnival New Black 80-lb.


The above cover stocks are uncoated. The cover stocks we typically use for covers with color printing are 10 and 12 pt. C1S (coated one side), plus lay flat film lamination (gloss, matte, or soft touch matte).

Keep in mind Bookmobile is a digital printer, using toner. So if your uncoated cover has a lot of printing, the toner/ink can easily scuff and wear with no lamination.