What is OSI, Out of Stock Indefinitely?

OSI is a title status we can assign to backlist titles that a publisher wants to keep in print, but doesn't sell enough copies to warrant warehousing at Itasca Books or paying Itasca admin fees for. Itasca only needs the ISBN, author, title, retail price, and whether the book was hardcover or paperback (you won't have to enter metadata). These titles will be set up in Itasca's systems as "out of stock indefinitely"-- you (the publisher) store the books and manage the sales of these OSI titles as you wish.

If a bookstore reaches out to Itasca about an OSI title, we will let them know to contact you to order. 

Why OSI? We know some publishers have a mission to keep all books in print. OSI lets you keep books in print and manage your costs.