What is metadata?

What is the metadata that I need to put my title on Artmobile?

Metadata makes sure your book is discoverable online and categorized correctly. Good quality metadata is going to help a reader, or a librarian or a bookseller, find your book.

The metadata Artmobile will ask you for, after we get your final okay to print on printing is:

  • Retail Price (required)
  • Author (required)
    • Roles to choose from are:
      • By (author)
      • Edited by
      • Translated by
      • Edited and translated by
  • Author Biography (required)
    • 2500 character limit
  • Up to four contributors, roles to choose from are:
    • By (artist), By (author), By (photographer), Afterword by, As told by, Compiled by, Edited and translated by, Edited by, Translated by, Foreword by, Illustrated by, Introduction by, Retold by, With
  • Search Engine Keywords (optional)
    • 20 - 30 keywords allowed
  • Book description (required)
    • 350 character minimum/3900 character limit
  • Reviews and Endorsements (optional), up to 6 entries:
    • Name of Reviewer
    • Review Published In (title of publication, ie, The New York Times)
    • Review Text
      • 1000 character limit
    • Review Type:
      • Review Quote
      • Endorsement

    Have question about metadata? Email our expert.

    We already have some of your metadata from printing, so you will not be asked to add any of the below:

    • Title
    • ISBN (we assign this and the bar code to your back cover for you)
    • Publisher (that's you!)
    • Trim Size
    • Page Count
    • Format (paperback or hardcover)
    • Publication date (when the book is done/received at the warehouse)