What is Amazon A+ Content?

Showcase your title on Amazon and give it the “WOW” factor by adding rich images and text with A+ content.


A+ content consists of preformatted module layouts enabling your book to visually stand out against the competition and grab a potential buyer’s attention.

What makes good A+ content? Use professional quality, high resolution images that
highlight your book’s content. Supported image file types include .jpg, .png and .bmp in
the RGB colorspace.

Examples under “From the Publisher” here:

Option A

Option A is a very popular choice!

Be Nice. The End.

This title’s A+ content consists of 3 modules:

  1. Top:
    1. Standard Image and dark text overlay – 970x300 pixels
  2. Middle:
    1. Standard 3 and text – 300x300 pixels
  3. Bottom:
    1. Standard Image and dark text overlay – 970x300

Option B 

Five Hieroglyphs
This title’s content consists of 4 modules, all Standard image and dark text overlay –
970x300 pixels

Option C

Adi’s Animal Adventures
This title’s content consists of 4 modules – all Standard image header with text – 970
x600 pixels

Image and text formatting

• Supported image file types include: .jpg, .bmp, and .png in the RGB colorspace.
CYMK colorspace is not supported. Individual files must remain under 2 MB.
Resolution should be at least 72 dpi. The use of animated images (for example, .GIF)
is prohibited.
• The use of blurry or low-quality images and images with watermarks or small text
that is unreadable when shown on mobile devices, is not allowed.
• Submitting image alt-text (previously known as image keywords) that does not
describe the image and that would not be useful for a customer using a screen
reader application can result in content rejection.
• Images and text must be unique to A+. Avoid reusing the same images that are
currently published in the image gallery of the page. A+ content is intended to
showcase unique aspects of the product or brand.
• Include only one brand logo and only icons that help customers navigate through the
text. Logos and symbols from partner companies do not need to be used, but may be
allowed if logical or beneficial.
• Spell out all numbers under 10, use consistent punctuation and serial (Oxford)
commas, and capitalize each major word in a header. Grammatical errors,
punctuation errors, misspellings, strings of all-caps text, abusing font features, or
unnecessary or repeated information can result in content rejection. Bold and italic
formatting are only intended to be used to highlight headings or a few select words.
• Content written in languages other than the one specified in the content, including
HTML tags, is not permitted, except that a small amount of text in a different
language is acceptable if it is part of the brand’s identity. For more information, go
to Prohibited product claims.