What foil stamp colors do you offer?

What are your in house foil stamp options? Can I special order a different foil stamp color/metallic?

For foil stamps, we offer gloss or matte gold or silver, then flat black or white. A blind or registered deboss, or embossing on a dust jacket are also options.

We order our foil stamp materials from General Roll Leaf.

The product numbers we use are:

gloss gold: B15-RFX
matte gold: S23-RFX
gloss silver: B5-RFX
matte silver: S5-RFX or S7-RAX
black: W900L
white: W100L or GP100

Depending on the materials, we sometimes order a different foil stamp then what is listed above, if it's going to be more successful.

We can special order other colors and effects, please contact your CSR for the choices/costs.