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What are bleeds? When and why are bleeds required?

What amount of bleed do you need in my files?

We need 1/8" bleed.

We assume all covers have bleed. 

We assume color interiors have bleed.

We do not assume b&w interior have bleed, but we can print b&w with bleeds—your quote will indicate if bleeds are included in your pricing. If bleeds are not spec'd for your interior, and you need them, contact us for an updated estimate.

Be sure to check "include bleeds" when you create your PDF file.

What are bleeds?

Bleeds are where your images extend past the edge of the page. Bleeds are required by any book printer and provide us with enough space to account for movement of the paper or design inconsistencies during printing, binding, and trimming. Bleeds ensure that no unprinted edges/white space occur after final trim.