On Artmobile, who sets the retail price for my book?

Who sets the selling price for my book if I work with Artmobile? How do I set the retail price for my book?

You set the list price for your book–which is the selling price–with the caveat that we require minimum list prices depending on the format of the book.

When you give us the OK to print after reviewing proofs, you'll be able to log in and add all the sales information about your book, including selling price. The price setter has a built-in calculator to project your profit at different prices.

Set your retail price based on two things:
  1. What you think retail customers will pay for the book -- if you set it too high that will diminish sales of the book.
  2. Your profit calculation as shown in the Artmobile profit calculator -- if you set it too low you could lose money on each sale.
Please note:
  • There are minimum allowed prices in Artmobile based on the binding.
  • Some books may not work: they are so expensive to produce that a price that yields you a profit is higher than anyone will pay.