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Is there sales tax on printing?

Do I need to give you an ST3?

If books are shipping within Minnesota (including next door to Artmobile or Itasca Books), we charge sales tax on the printing.

If books are for resale, if you're a non-profit, etc., and sales tax on the printing is not applicable, we need an ST3 form filled and returned to us in order to not charge sales tax on the printing.

More Details:

If books are shipped within the state of MN, Bookmobile must have an ST-3 form filled out and on file for your company or we have to charge sales tax on printing. Simply, we will charge sales tax unless we have a completed ST-3 on file.

There are no exceptions and this is not negotiable because we are accountable to the State of MN. If you’re not sure how to fill out the ST-3 form, please ask your accountant and/or read the instructions attached to the ST-3 form (a link has been placed at the bottom of this page). Bookmobile CANNOT help you fill out the form or answer questions about it (we’re printers, not tax experts).

If your reason for exemption is that you’re a non-profit, religious organization, etc., you won’t be charged sales tax on any printing but in order to determine this, again, we must have a properly completed ST-3 on file.

If you’re just checking off the “For Resale” option on the ST-3, you will be charged sales tax on bound galleys as they are for promotion and not for resale.

If you’re distributed by Itasca and we’re sending your books to the Itasca warehouse for resale, you must have an ST-3 form on file with us. If we do not have this form on file, you will be charged sales tax on the printing. This is taken care of by you, the publisher, not Itasca.

Again, there are no exceptions to the above. Bookmobile adheres to all Sales Tax regulations.