How do titles get switched to Itasca on Amazon?

When Itasca gets a new client, it can sometimes take us 5 to 6 months to transfer the title to us (versus the previous distributor, ie SPD) unfortunately. This is just on Amazon, please note! (Titles being sold on Ingram and online get transferred fast!)
We add the title to Itasca's Amazon Advantage when we're able.
--We can't move a title if Amazon has inventory for the book. When Amazon sells out, then they'll allow us to move the title to our Advantage account.
--There are 3 statuses for a title in Amazon
  • Active = title is live and in stock
  • Suspended = title is live and waiting for inventory
  • Closed = anybody can take over the title
Also, we're assuming that SPD did upload titles to Amazon via their Advantage account. If that's the case, then ideally they would have "closed" all the titles before they shut down.
Ideally Amazon will figure out SPD no longer exists, and close those titles--but we really don't know what Amazon will do.