How do I set up a title for API feed orders?

Got your API feed or website shopping cart connected to Stacks for fulfillment? Please see our guidelines below!

Please check Stacks to confirm titles and bundles exist and are set up (with zero inventory, of course) before sending API orders—the title and bundle must exist before we can receive any API feed orders.

If titles do not exist in Stacks and an API order is sent, the order will be rejected and we do not log or notify you of that issue—the burden is on the publisher to check that titles are in Stacks correctly (title, ISBN, etc.), same with bundles.

If the title or bundle exists in Stacks and the inventory is 0, the order will come through and show as backordered.

(If a client is placing the order directly in Stacks (not API), you will see firsthand that the title or inventory does not exist and you will not be able to place the order.)


In short,  for new titles and bundles, THE PUBLISHER MUST check the title in Stacks before allowing API orders to come through.