How do I get paid when Artmobile sells my book?

How do payments and sales work?

Artmobile operates on a monthly cycle, providing a statement of sales and fees for each title each month. For sales made on, we recognize the sale in the month it occurs. For sales made on Amazon, sometimes payments to us, and thus to you, are delayed a month or so.

After the end of each month we create a title statement, which lists all sales income, any charges for drop shipments you ordered, title administration fees, and storage fees if any. The end of month balance is the sum of these revenue and fee items. If the balance is positive we pay you, if it is negative you pay us.

Currently we make payments to you by check, or via Transferwise if you are outside the U.S. All payments are calculated in U.S. dollars, but Transferwise will convert to your local currency.