How do I do Amazon's "Search Inside the Book"?

Amazon's "Search Inside the Book" lets the customer view, search, and browse your book on Amazon

If you want to participate in Amazon’s “Search Inside the Book” function, we need to submit
a PDF of your title to them. Email the PDF to, and we’ll submit it to
Amazon. We recommend using Google Drive or WeTransfer to send large files.

We will charge an additional  fee to upload “Search Inside” data to Amazon.

To submit your "Search Inside" file for Amazon, we'll need a single PDF of the entire book, from the front cover to the back cover - all single pages (not duplexed), and in page order. Try to keep the file size under 350 megabytes, or it may cause Amazon's servers to time out.

Amazon will only display the front cover and a number of pages (depending on the page count) sequentially, starting with the front cover. This can be problematic for illustrated kids' books and books with small page counts, since the first several pages are either printed endsheets, blank pages, or copyright/title pages. This frequently means that only the first few pages of the title will be visible.

To prevent that from happening, remove any blank pages, endsheets, title pages, etc., before the PDF is submitted to us (it's best to keep your copyright page in the PDF you're sending us). DO NOT send the individual components, we only need one complete PDF of the entire book, from the front cover to the back cover.

Unfortunately, we have no control over what Amazon keeps or removes from the Search Inside file when it's uploaded, and cannot communicate with them about page selection.