Are drop ship fees included in the Artmobile Print/Profit calculator?

Does the Artmobile fee chart include the added costs for warehousing, administration, storage, and drop ship? Are those costs all included in the Artmobile Print/Profit calculator?

All of the items listed above (warehousing/storage costs, administration fee, drop ship costs) are separate from the sales transactions.


Storage/warehousing costs are separate because some publishers are printing and storing pallets full of books, while some store only a carton or two—so the storage costs vary.

See warehousing and storage costs here.

Administration Fees

See administration fees here.

Drop Shipping

Our Artmobile Print/Profit calculator does not include drop ship pricing. (Many of our Artmobile clients are not using the drop ship service).

What's a drop ship?

Let's say you sell 30 copies of your book to an organization. You collect the money directly from the organization: we never see it. You have us ship the 30 copies to the organization -- that's a drop ship. We would then charge you to pick, pack and ship the 30 books. That drop ship will show up as a line on your monthly statement.

See drop ship fees here.